Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Review

Hello and Happy Monday!

This weekend was extremely busy and productive for me. Friday night I taught myself how to knit with a little guidance from Youtube and some friends in the freshstitches chat. I set to work just working on knits and purls in a little sample piece and soon progressed on to a washcloth pattern that Meredith said would be a good test of doing yarn over increases and decreases. It was super fun although the end turned out a bit wonky and I ended up frogging it because I wanted it to be a little more perfect =p

Don't be to disapointed though because I immediately set to work on another! This time instead of following a pattern I decided to just cast on what I thought was an appropriate number of stitches and worked knit and purl rows for a bit and then switched to just knit stitches. I like the texture that the knit stitches give and thought they would be good for scrubbing. I haven't quite finished it yet but I will show you my progress on Wednesday!

As for the rest of my weekend I still managed to keep true to my main interest which is crocheting. I managed to make all the green body pieces for the large nel order I'm trying to complete! I now have 12 blue pieces, and 14 green all thats left is the 14 pink and then of course all the tiny body parts like wings,face and eye circles, etc. But those should take no time at all. I've got it down so one little body part takes about 14 minutes so hopefully the pink ones will be done in no time!

Outside of all this crafty time I also tended to my garden a bit this weekend and we found we have our first little pepper growing! It's a cayenne pepper that Rowan insisted that we grow and what do you know its actually doing quite well! Sorry for the poor picture quality I took this late last night and had to resort to using the flash.

That's about it for my exciting weekend update, I hope you had an exciting weekend as well and managed to get some things accomplished...or not.. depending on how you like to spend your weekends! Check back on Wednesday to see my owl progress and my knitted washcloth!

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