Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome to my Crocheting Corner!

Hello! My name is Michaela (pronounced Ma kay la...i often get mistaken for a michael ah, etc ;D) I love to Crochet stuffed animals and hope to pick up knitting them as well at some point this year.

Crochet City is my fledgling business that I began officially in January of this year, however I have been crocheting and "selling items" for about three years now. I first learned to Crochet when I was younger but for the longest time didn't do anything purposeful with it, I now frequently sell crocheted stuffed animals among other things. I have finally mastered reading a pattern and hope to begin designing them before long!

I am starting this blog to document my adventures in crocheting as well as my attempts at growing my business and my skills! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy yourself!

Check back soon to see my progress!