Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Friday

Finished Object Friday #2

I have been hard at work crocheting, unfortunately nothing I'm working on this week is actually finished! I have a custom order of 6 blue,7 green and 7 pink Nel the Owls for someone i work with and so far i have all the blue head/bodies done. I've moved on to green now but haven't gotten very far!  I do however have a quite a few projects I finished awhile back and never shared!

This little Brontosaurus above and the triceratops below were made for one of
 my fellow teachers, their class did a lesson on dinosaurs, 
and what better way to learn then with a cuddly animal?

Close up of my cows from the craft fair!

Girly caterpillar closeup!

Boy caterpillar closeup!

Neutral Owl Closeup
Girly Owl Closeup
All the craft fair animals together

This was my test of the Nel pattern,
I like to do a run through of patterns for large orders
and make sure i get all the kinks worked out ahead of time
In this case I hate the way I attached the ears.

This is probably my favorite thing that i've made so far.
A custom doll for a little girl at my work. 
Her mom asked me to give her long curly hair 
and a pink sparkly tutu so that is what she got! I absolutely love how
she turned out and can't wait to make more custom dolls =)

This kangaroo and baby joey were made for a coworker
who's classroom name was the Wallaby's she moved to
a new position within in our company so I made her this as
a goodbye present and a reminder of her old classroom.

This Elephant was custom ordered at the craft fair. The 
customer specifically requested it have these colors and long skinny tusks.
It was definitely interesting making something so different then the normal pattern.

I made this sheep as a pattern test for a budding designer from Ravelry
Alyssa (Monsterstoybox) Does some really awesome animals and I was thrilled
to get to try this pattern out! A coworker of Rowan's purchased it as a mothers day gift.

I finally conquered Stacey's John Deere Tractor
 pattern for a little boy at my work
It wasn't easy but I'm proud i saw it through!

So...That was quite the wall of pictures! I hope you enjoyed seeing my back log of finished objects! What projects did you finish this week?

 Check back next week to see how my collection of tiny owls is coming along!


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  1. I love having my "wallaby" on my desk :) And that sheep is adorable :) Congrats on getting chosen to try out a pattern! That's awesome!