Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Secrets Galore

Work in Progress Wednesday #2

I can't actually share any pictures of what I'm working on this Wednesday which is a little weird! But I am participating in the freshstitches Ravelry group Buddy Bee Swap and my current project is for my Buddy! It's supposed to be kept a secret until they receive it! I can't even post teaser photos because It would make be very obvious to fellow freshstitches fans what i was making =p. I will tell you I am having a lot of fun with it though!

Yesterday I finished up the last of my animals for the fair/market this weekend and put business tags on all of them! I took a vacation day from work Friday so i'm going to place them all in clear bags except for the ones I will have on the main table and pack my car up so I can get on the road bright and early Saturday Morning!

I am also going to crochet club tonight. We meet once a month at a local fabric store and usually people just work on whatever they want...but tonight we are learning Tunisian Crochet! I have wanted to learn for awhile and the pattern we are using is one i've had pinned on Pinterest for quite some time!
This blanket has all sorts of different tunisian methods and I'm super stoked to make my own blanket, something just for me and learn all sorts of new stuff along the way! 

Check back on Friday to see what I finish! 


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