Friday, May 3, 2013

My first Finished Object Friday!

Finished Object Friday #1

This week was super productive for me! I took a vacation day from work to relax a bit and work on my craft fair animals and I only have two left to assemble, I will wait until next Friday to show you all of the cuties though as I want one HUGE family picture! Don't worry though I still have someone to show off for this Finished Friday, My sister commissioned me to make her a Moose for her mother in law for mothers day.

I started attaching my business cards to my animals that are given as gifts, in case the receiver would like to order more items from me! I think its a smart advertising plan =) 

Today is my birthday so since I finished up this guy earlier than expected I will probably just go to dinner with my family tonight and not work on any other projects today...although I never do well with having idle hands so who knows what could jump on my hook when I get home...maybe that buddy bee gift i should be working on ;D

Thanks for reading, come back and check in on Monday for a new post!


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