Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My first Work in Progress Wednesday!

Work in Progress Wednesday #1

When I was considering starting this blog my plan for each Wednesday is to show you my Works in Progress for the week. This week is a little crazy because I have been preparing for a craft fair the past month or so and it is finally almost here!

So let me give you a little back story first... I am in a crochet club that meets at a fabric store one night of every month, back in March one of my fellow group members shared that her church would be putting on a craft fair/artisan market type deal in May. There are no booth fees, the church just asks you to donate 10 percent of your profit to a group who is going on a mission trip to Haiti. I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at a little mass production and showing off. I immediately started making notes of what I should make and how long I had to make them!

My final decision since the craft fair is going on at the same time as a 5k/half marathon event called running with the cows was to make the majority of my animals cows. I figured I could even make up some tags to attach if they were for a runner that said "I ran with the cows 2013" or something of the like to commemorate the event. So I chose to make a handful of normal black and white cows, and then since the event is the day before mothers day I chose to also include some pink/purple cows. After making the decisions on cows I used my facebook business page to ask my former customers to vote on their favorite freshstitches designs since those are the ones I love to make!

My customers voted on Nelson the Owl, and Alastair the caterpillar, and after much discussion with my boyfriend he told me I should include some Mal the Ducks as well since they are tiny and adorable! So for about a month I cranked out pieces of animals left and right and finally I am done and ready to put them all together! I have about 3/4 all sewn up and ready to show off and this WIP Wednesday is showcasing the last 10 or so that aren't all put together.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back on Friday to see my Finished Cuties!


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