Monday, September 9, 2013

Craft Room Tour

Hi! I know I haven't posted much at all but I just kind of jump around from project to project so much that I haven't had enough time to devote attention to this blog! But here I am popping in with a tour of my Craft Room! Lots of pictures, lots of words...hope you enjoy it!

This is the view when you enter my craft room.

This is the other half of the room that you see when you enter the room

view of the door. The wall is where i keep my household bills/calendar and notes on the whiteboard
the packages below are getting ready to be shipped out.

My craft room doubles as our spare bedroom. The blanket was made by me, one pillowcase was sewn by me, the other
by a friend for a buddy bee swap. The animals are all premade and ready to be sold.

This is a view of my desk.

this is the 2nd half of my desk.

yarn stash!

work in progress containers

bookshelf for idea notepads, also where i store finished objects before they are shipped.

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  1. So cool!!
    I wish I had a room like yours, my yarns are all squeezed in my bedroom.